Trading Portfolios

Trading Portfolios

Optimizing capital growth by trading as opposed to awaiting maturity, the robust trading options by Wealth Trust helps investors create more wealth converting investments into trading opportunities, backed by their experienced and knowledgeable team, who provides market surveillance, intelligent data analysis to help make the right investments that generate the maximum returns.

Wealth Trust is willing to share its expert knowledge on T Bill/Bond trading to enhance your yield.


Will you do the trading for me?

Yes. A designated portfolio manager will be assigned to you.

How will I know I am not losing money?

We will calculate a Mark to Market (M to M) return on your portfolio on a daily basis and monitor your returns.

What is the opportunity cost of trading?

If you carry out a non-leverage trading portfolio, then the only opportunity cost would be if interest rates increase above your purchase yields for a prolonged period (M to M losses). However, leverage portfolio carries the risk of negative funding gains along with possible erosion of capital.